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Rollerball: arrow keys/WASD to move. Collect all 8 cubes and see what time you can get.

NB: Level 2 is currently empty - game will not progress. Can go back to level 1 by refreshing the browser.

Updated regularly.

Version History

17/04 V1: first build. Runs successfully on a Mac, very basic. Only one level.

18/04 V2: added a reset button, and fixed the timer to display to only 2dp. Added web support and published to itch.io.

20/04 V3: cleaned up code, added reset and next level buttons. Now in a position to make more levels without further code edits (except for UI skinning later down the line). Added level 2, but is currently bare.

21/04: V4: designed and added level 2, the maze.